Friday, August 1, 2014

So is this how it happened?

Somewhere in the USA...

"Okay, first we make a shambles of medical insurance in the USA, pricing it out of reach for most people, and prohibiting those who can afford it from buying on the open market. Then we bring in a multitude of illegal alien children with communicable infections and ship them all around the country." (Ought to make Pat Young happy. ~cw)

"Brilliant! Many Americans who contract the infections won't be able to fight them off, as they have no insurance, no money to pay for treatment, and there is little or no medical treatment available, anyway. Can you say pandemic?"

"Indeed. Death panels working overtime. That company in Georgia will have to start churning out a vast new supply of FEMA coffins... And the good ol' USA will...."

You fill in the rest.

Okay, never mind, I'll do it. And the good ol' USA will be reduced to the wretched Third World nation leftists so long for it to be....

chikungunya fever
dengue fever
ebola hemorrhagic fever
Marburg hemorrhagic fever (only one case in the USA and the patient recovered, thank God)
This is in addition to more common infections in the country -- influenza, hepatitis, HIV, and a host of non-infections maladies that will no longer receive proper treatment because of the overload on the medical establishment...

In pandemics, the very young and very old are initially at the greatest risk, but it reaches a point where everyone is at risk...

I'm not usually an alarmist, and I don't believe in most conspiracy theories (for example, I've looked into it, and there are no "FEMA camps" in Florida). But what we've been witnessing from our government ... I can't interpret it any other way."

Here's another view of the troubles the US faces, from the masterful Bill Whittle...

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